The Tax Axe

tax preparation firm

chopping taxes down to size
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The Tax Axe

tax preparation firm

chopping taxes down to size
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Your Complete Tax Solution

Whether you need a simple personal return, a large corporate return or a complex estate return: we are the tax preparation firm for you. We have over 35 years of experience preparing personal, business, trust and estate returns. We use the latest technology to prepare, track and file your returns. We even have an inhouse work station where you can prepare your own return, and have it reviewed by one of our experienced tax preparers. Young or old, rich or poor; we will expertly prepare your return taking advantage of all legal deductions and credits,

CHOPPING YOUR TAXES DOWN TO SIZE!We provide you with the following services:

  • Quarterly estimated income tax payments
  • Installment plan to pay your taxes
  • IRS notice or letter responses
  • Tax planning (for a financial event or for the whole year)

  • Client Work Station

    We provide DIYers with a desk, computer, & software to prepare their own return. We also provide optional review services, giving you an opportunity to ensure you get the best return possible.

  • Secured Technology

    We use the latest technology and protocols to provide you with the most reliable security possible. We have an encrypted portal for sensitive information transfers versus unprotected email. We use only high-level software to prevent your information from being compromised through leaks or hacking. All information is backed up off-site. All in-house sensitive paperwork is shredded.

  • Return Prep Options

    You can prepare your own return with our professional review or have our expert staff prepare your return. We, also, give you the option to e-file or paper file your return.

  • Year Round Service

    We are open every week of the year for your convenience. You never have to wait for tax season to talk taxes with us.

We Have 35 Years Of Experience

We have been providing tax preparation and many other accounting services to a wide range of clients

Our services

We prepare individual, business, estate, gift, and trust tax returns. We help you with tax planning in all areas of your life. We provide accurate financial advice, as well as conservative investments and insurance products that will make or save you money.

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